Monday, January 18, 2010

Hubs is Home!

Yes, after 9 long days and 8 nights my hubby returned home safely late last Friday night. PTL! (For those who might not know - PTL stands for Praise the Lord!) It was a long time away both at home and abroad. After almost 30 years of marriage and almost 5 years of dating before that - it's just no fun without my other half. We're more than used to his traveling for business over the last 26 years; his Platinum status with American Airlines is his traveling badge and reward. We and our family have the privilege of traveling free several times a year from hubs advantage miles. His travel normally consists of 1 - 3 nights away a few times a month within the US. This was the only the 2nd time he's traveled overseas for business. God has given us great trust in each other and more importantly we have trust in Him - He who brought us together and keeps us together. 34 & 1/2 years is long time, but it's not always been easy. Our motto is, "Stay & Pray" because life is hard, but the Lord is our strength and "A Cord of Three is not easily broken." Ecclesiastes 4.12.

On Saturday & Sunday we pledged to only spend time together & with the Lord. We worshiped together at church on Sunday morning and then hosted our Life Group that evening.

This morning hubs had oral surgery where he never had a permanent tooth. He's had 3 bridges and needed a replacement again, so his dentist recommended a dental implant instead because they can last up to 50 years.  The only real drawback is the cost which is not covered at all under medical / dental insurance and the cost is normally between $6-8K which is pretty steep; however, a bridge typically cost $2-3K and lasts 8 - 10 years; dental insurance covers 50%. So, the long-term costs are about the same, but the implant occurs only once and acts just like a real tooth without all the precautions required of a bridge. Great news is that once the oral surgeon began the surgery this morning he realized that hubs did not require the bone graft that he was expecting; therefore hubs only had a tissue graft today and was able to have the actual dental implant today instead of 4 months later that was going to happen after the bone graft healing. The cost isn't any less, but the healing is much less and the time period will be much less. So, PTL - YAY God!

After resting all day today, the hubs is very antsy and more than ready to go back to work. Doctor says he should rest 2 days, but could go to work if he feels up to it... so we'll see how tomorrow goes.

Tonight we're praising the Lord for His goodness in our lives!  I pray you find the goodness He provides for you even in the storms of life.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

Today started off rough... a migraine woke me up just before 5AM, so I took a prescription that normally causes me to sleep for an hour then relieves the headache pain. This morning, the med caused me to oversleep until 9:45, even sleeping through my alarm that must have played music for an hour from 6 - 7AM; therefore, I missed my 8AM dental appointment. I guess I was really tired and just needed some good sleep... can't believe the dogs let me sleep that long!

Then the best thing happened! A dear friend called me at home. She has 2 daughters who went to school with my sons in elementary school. Dinah and I were really good friends back then; we were on the PTF Board together and went shopping and out to lunch regularly. Dinah and I kept in touch for awhile then as our kids went on to different high schools and college - we lost touch for the most part. Dinah and her oldest daughter, Kristen (who was in Jordan's grade) did come to Ryan & Reggye's wedding 4 years ago so that was the last time we saw each other. Dinah's girls are friends with me on FaceBook so I have known that she has been going through breast cancer. I am ashamed that I haven't called Dinah or even sent a card since she's been battling cancer... of course, I have all sorts of excuses but honestly they're just excuses. Dinah called to visit and to talk about church; she and Rick have been attending a very large church that is close to their home but they're just not comfortable with the music and the impersonalness of such a large church. I've invited them to our church and to our LifeGroup; don't know if they'll actually come but I hope they'll at least visit.

Dinah and I mostly visited about our family lives... catching up on the last 13 years, as much as you can on a 3 hour telephone conversation.  With all that she's going through, Dinah is upbeat and still concerned for other people in her life. Dinah begins chemo this coming Monday. I pray that she'll not be sick and the chemo will do exactly what it's supposed to do so she can begin radiation at the appropriate time.

Visiting with Dinah today really lifted my spirit from feeling lonely while Jim is away across the world. Lord, I pray you protect her through these cancer treatments and return her to complete health. She has so much love and encouragement to share with others; bless her and protect her. Thank you for her daughters who are both there for her. Kristen is there to lift her spirit with funniness and Natalie who is the sweetest angel who encourages her so well. Thank you Lord for Dinah's life and her friendship. Bless Dinah, her husband Rick and their daughters.

Bless and protect my hubby; give him good rest this evening. Please keep him safe and healthy. Bring him home soon. Thank you for so many blessings in my life!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Super Saturday & Sunday

Cold, sunny and beautiful days! Never thought I'd say 30 degrees feels warm, but yesterday & today's highs in the 30's felt great even though it was only 9 degrees early Saturday morning. Having my young friend, Erin stay with me for several days was such a blessing for me and my puppies. After staying home for 2 days during the coldest days, Erin & I ventured out yesterday for lunch at a new hamburger place and then shopped for hours looking for snow boots for Erin to take back to Russia.

I've visited with the hubs 2 - 3 times a day on Skype. He's doing okay, but is very tired and therefore he's a bit grumpy. The work days start late there and meals are much later. He's an early morning guy and needs to eat on a regular schedule and go to bed early. The 9pm dinners and going to bed after midnight is taking a toll on him. This morning when he called me on Skype he had a nice surprise - he'd purchased a camera that he has connected to his older laptop, so I can see him when we visit. He's been able to see me because I have a newer iMac with a built-in camera; now it's nice to see his face when we visit.  ;=)

Today's worship was great! I missed having hubs with me though. The strange customs and personal rules and regulations where he is are wearing on him. I pray that the Lord will give him supernatural wisdom concerning all the meetings that he's having and that he'll have boldness to speak freely with his superiors regarding his concerns.

This afternoon after church was my niece's 10th birthday party. She's growing up so fast!

So back at home, the puppies and I are snuggled in watching a Hallmark movie waiting on hubs to call when he wakes up.  I'm praying for his rest to get caught up and that he'll be in a better mood.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hubby Lands Safely on the Other Side of the World

The hubs is safely on land after a 16 hr flight. He says it was a nice flight; especially since he got upgraded from business class (like our normal 1st class) to 1st class. He had a cocoon bed with his personal tv & internet connections and a 3 page menu for 4 meals. He says he actually slept 6-7 hours. When he landed it was 8pm there and 10am here. He's supposed to call me on Skype before he goes to bed. I thought he would have already called me; he must be out sight seeing or perhaps is having a late evening meeting.

Many people are praying for him and for me while he's away. Thankfully, I'm feeling much better than I thought I would be - prayer is amazing because we serve & honor an amazing God!  I also have a young friend visiting & staying with me for a few days which is a nice distraction.

Well, I need to get back to putting those Christmas decorations away. It's a nice day to stay inside - it was 15 degrees this morning at 7am when I let the dogs out. Make it a good day... let the warmth of the Lord's Light shine in and through you today!

Afternoon Additional Post:
We finally visited on Skype! Hubs is fine... we had a nice 15 minute visit. Our puppies kept looking for him when they'd hear his voice... it was cute & sad. Now hubby is going to try and get some sleep. He doesn't feel sleepy since he slept well for 6 - 7 hours on the plane and then was on the cellphone for a board meeting here in Dallas for an hour & half, so he feels like he's still still on Dallas time.  I'm praying that he can get some good rest; I think he will because he always goes right to sleep within minutes of his head hitting the pillow. Tomorrow he and the other 3 from the company will travel to a neighboring country for some sight seeing, so they have a fairly light day and will be able to get to bed early for their 1st business meeting on Sunday. Yes, business on Sunday - it's the 1st business day in that country. Friday is their holy day and Saturday is their day off, so next Thursday will be the last day of the work week and the hubs last meeting day. He leaves early next Friday morning (our Thursday evening). Of course it'll take almost 24 hours to get home after a 16 hour flight to Chicago with several hours on a layover there and then a 2 & 1/2 hour flight home; he's scheduled to land just before 10pm one week from today. I pray the time will be spent in God's will there on the other side of the world and here at home!