Monday, January 18, 2010

Hubs is Home!

Yes, after 9 long days and 8 nights my hubby returned home safely late last Friday night. PTL! (For those who might not know - PTL stands for Praise the Lord!) It was a long time away both at home and abroad. After almost 30 years of marriage and almost 5 years of dating before that - it's just no fun without my other half. We're more than used to his traveling for business over the last 26 years; his Platinum status with American Airlines is his traveling badge and reward. We and our family have the privilege of traveling free several times a year from hubs advantage miles. His travel normally consists of 1 - 3 nights away a few times a month within the US. This was the only the 2nd time he's traveled overseas for business. God has given us great trust in each other and more importantly we have trust in Him - He who brought us together and keeps us together. 34 & 1/2 years is long time, but it's not always been easy. Our motto is, "Stay & Pray" because life is hard, but the Lord is our strength and "A Cord of Three is not easily broken." Ecclesiastes 4.12.

On Saturday & Sunday we pledged to only spend time together & with the Lord. We worshiped together at church on Sunday morning and then hosted our Life Group that evening.

This morning hubs had oral surgery where he never had a permanent tooth. He's had 3 bridges and needed a replacement again, so his dentist recommended a dental implant instead because they can last up to 50 years.  The only real drawback is the cost which is not covered at all under medical / dental insurance and the cost is normally between $6-8K which is pretty steep; however, a bridge typically cost $2-3K and lasts 8 - 10 years; dental insurance covers 50%. So, the long-term costs are about the same, but the implant occurs only once and acts just like a real tooth without all the precautions required of a bridge. Great news is that once the oral surgeon began the surgery this morning he realized that hubs did not require the bone graft that he was expecting; therefore hubs only had a tissue graft today and was able to have the actual dental implant today instead of 4 months later that was going to happen after the bone graft healing. The cost isn't any less, but the healing is much less and the time period will be much less. So, PTL - YAY God!

After resting all day today, the hubs is very antsy and more than ready to go back to work. Doctor says he should rest 2 days, but could go to work if he feels up to it... so we'll see how tomorrow goes.

Tonight we're praising the Lord for His goodness in our lives!  I pray you find the goodness He provides for you even in the storms of life.


  1. God is so faithful! Blessings,


    Thorns and Myrtles

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