Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

Today started off rough... a migraine woke me up just before 5AM, so I took a prescription that normally causes me to sleep for an hour then relieves the headache pain. This morning, the med caused me to oversleep until 9:45, even sleeping through my alarm that must have played music for an hour from 6 - 7AM; therefore, I missed my 8AM dental appointment. I guess I was really tired and just needed some good sleep... can't believe the dogs let me sleep that long!

Then the best thing happened! A dear friend called me at home. She has 2 daughters who went to school with my sons in elementary school. Dinah and I were really good friends back then; we were on the PTF Board together and went shopping and out to lunch regularly. Dinah and I kept in touch for awhile then as our kids went on to different high schools and college - we lost touch for the most part. Dinah and her oldest daughter, Kristen (who was in Jordan's grade) did come to Ryan & Reggye's wedding 4 years ago so that was the last time we saw each other. Dinah's girls are friends with me on FaceBook so I have known that she has been going through breast cancer. I am ashamed that I haven't called Dinah or even sent a card since she's been battling cancer... of course, I have all sorts of excuses but honestly they're just excuses. Dinah called to visit and to talk about church; she and Rick have been attending a very large church that is close to their home but they're just not comfortable with the music and the impersonalness of such a large church. I've invited them to our church and to our LifeGroup; don't know if they'll actually come but I hope they'll at least visit.

Dinah and I mostly visited about our family lives... catching up on the last 13 years, as much as you can on a 3 hour telephone conversation.  With all that she's going through, Dinah is upbeat and still concerned for other people in her life. Dinah begins chemo this coming Monday. I pray that she'll not be sick and the chemo will do exactly what it's supposed to do so she can begin radiation at the appropriate time.

Visiting with Dinah today really lifted my spirit from feeling lonely while Jim is away across the world. Lord, I pray you protect her through these cancer treatments and return her to complete health. She has so much love and encouragement to share with others; bless her and protect her. Thank you for her daughters who are both there for her. Kristen is there to lift her spirit with funniness and Natalie who is the sweetest angel who encourages her so well. Thank you Lord for Dinah's life and her friendship. Bless Dinah, her husband Rick and their daughters.

Bless and protect my hubby; give him good rest this evening. Please keep him safe and healthy. Bring him home soon. Thank you for so many blessings in my life!

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