Friday, January 8, 2010

Hubby Lands Safely on the Other Side of the World

The hubs is safely on land after a 16 hr flight. He says it was a nice flight; especially since he got upgraded from business class (like our normal 1st class) to 1st class. He had a cocoon bed with his personal tv & internet connections and a 3 page menu for 4 meals. He says he actually slept 6-7 hours. When he landed it was 8pm there and 10am here. He's supposed to call me on Skype before he goes to bed. I thought he would have already called me; he must be out sight seeing or perhaps is having a late evening meeting.

Many people are praying for him and for me while he's away. Thankfully, I'm feeling much better than I thought I would be - prayer is amazing because we serve & honor an amazing God!  I also have a young friend visiting & staying with me for a few days which is a nice distraction.

Well, I need to get back to putting those Christmas decorations away. It's a nice day to stay inside - it was 15 degrees this morning at 7am when I let the dogs out. Make it a good day... let the warmth of the Lord's Light shine in and through you today!

Afternoon Additional Post:
We finally visited on Skype! Hubs is fine... we had a nice 15 minute visit. Our puppies kept looking for him when they'd hear his voice... it was cute & sad. Now hubby is going to try and get some sleep. He doesn't feel sleepy since he slept well for 6 - 7 hours on the plane and then was on the cellphone for a board meeting here in Dallas for an hour & half, so he feels like he's still still on Dallas time.  I'm praying that he can get some good rest; I think he will because he always goes right to sleep within minutes of his head hitting the pillow. Tomorrow he and the other 3 from the company will travel to a neighboring country for some sight seeing, so they have a fairly light day and will be able to get to bed early for their 1st business meeting on Sunday. Yes, business on Sunday - it's the 1st business day in that country. Friday is their holy day and Saturday is their day off, so next Thursday will be the last day of the work week and the hubs last meeting day. He leaves early next Friday morning (our Thursday evening). Of course it'll take almost 24 hours to get home after a 16 hour flight to Chicago with several hours on a layover there and then a 2 & 1/2 hour flight home; he's scheduled to land just before 10pm one week from today. I pray the time will be spent in God's will there on the other side of the world and here at home!

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