Sunday, January 10, 2010

Super Saturday & Sunday

Cold, sunny and beautiful days! Never thought I'd say 30 degrees feels warm, but yesterday & today's highs in the 30's felt great even though it was only 9 degrees early Saturday morning. Having my young friend, Erin stay with me for several days was such a blessing for me and my puppies. After staying home for 2 days during the coldest days, Erin & I ventured out yesterday for lunch at a new hamburger place and then shopped for hours looking for snow boots for Erin to take back to Russia.

I've visited with the hubs 2 - 3 times a day on Skype. He's doing okay, but is very tired and therefore he's a bit grumpy. The work days start late there and meals are much later. He's an early morning guy and needs to eat on a regular schedule and go to bed early. The 9pm dinners and going to bed after midnight is taking a toll on him. This morning when he called me on Skype he had a nice surprise - he'd purchased a camera that he has connected to his older laptop, so I can see him when we visit. He's been able to see me because I have a newer iMac with a built-in camera; now it's nice to see his face when we visit.  ;=)

Today's worship was great! I missed having hubs with me though. The strange customs and personal rules and regulations where he is are wearing on him. I pray that the Lord will give him supernatural wisdom concerning all the meetings that he's having and that he'll have boldness to speak freely with his superiors regarding his concerns.

This afternoon after church was my niece's 10th birthday party. She's growing up so fast!

So back at home, the puppies and I are snuggled in watching a Hallmark movie waiting on hubs to call when he wakes up.  I'm praying for his rest to get caught up and that he'll be in a better mood.

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